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  • What should I expect for my first visit?
    During your initial session with a psychologist, they will take time to get to know you better and understand the factors that have led you to seek support. Their primary focus is to ensure you feel comfortable and well-informed about the therapeutic process. Typically, they will initiate the session with some general conversation to help you settle into the therapeutic environment. Additionally, the first session offers an excellent opportunity to discuss your goals. Many individuals may feel stuck in their problems, and setting clear goals is essential for the therapeutic process. Take some time to reflect on what you would like to achieve and what changes you'd like to make in your life. Sharing these goals with your psychologist can help ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your therapy sessions. All sessions are 50 minutes.
  • How much does a session cost?
    Please note, we are not a bulk-billing clinic. Please speak to your GP if you require bulk billed services.
  • Do I need a MHCP from my GP?
    You do not need a referral to attend sessions at Junction Psychology; however, if you wish to receive a Medicare rebate, you will need to arrange a MHCP and referral. To receive a rebate for your sessions, you will need a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from your GP prior to attending your first appointment. The MHCP allows you to claim a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year (Jan-Dec). Typically, your GP will refer you for an initial six appointments, and you will need to return to the GP for a review to access more rebates.
  • I have a referral to see someone at another practice: can I use it to see someone at your practice?
    Yes, if your GP has referred you elsewhere, we are still able to accept your referral. Please let us know if you have used any of the sessions on your referral with another psychologist.
  • Do you accept NDIS, WorkCover, TAC or VOCAT claims?
    Yes, we accept clients with NDIS funding and/or approved WorkCover, TAC and VOCAT claims. Please see our Fees section for gap payments. We will ask that you kindly provide us with a copy of your approval documents. Please call our friendly administration team for more information on (03) 9331 0039
  • Do you see people under 18?
    Our clinic is mostly open to adults and older adolescents. We do not see you young people below the age of 16. We are not able to accept referrals for children.
  • Can I use my private health insurance?
    Depending on the level of cover your private health insurance provides, you may be eligible to claim your psychology sessions. Please contact your health insurer directly for more information. We are unable to process the claims for you. Please let our administration team know that you wish to use private health, and we will provide you with payment receipts for you to lodge them yourself. Please note that it is not possible to claim both a Medicare rebate and a private health claim for the same session.
  • Can I have my session via Telehealth?
    We offer both face to face and online options for all appointments. If you wish to attend your session online, please let our friendly admin team know, and we will arrange a Zoom link to be sent to you via email prior to your appointment.
  • How do I get to the clinic? Is there parking nearby?
    We do not have parking on-site, however there is 1-3 hour parking in various locations nearby. Please allow 5-10 extra minutes before your appointment.
  • What if I am running late or can't attend my appointment?
    If you are running late, please call administration on (03) 9331 0039, or email If you are able to attend the appointment within the first 15 minutes of the session, your psychologist will usually still be able to hold the session. If you can not attend your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. We will aim to offer suitable rescheduling options. If your appointment is cancelled within 24 hours, a cancellation fee of $75 will apply. Non-attended appointments will also incur a cancellation fee.
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